The Spanish Class

Beginner 3 & 4: Weeks 9-12

Noticias de La Clase de Español

Parent Teacher Talk

Can your child ask informative questions about family members and animals?

Four-week Summary

This month, we are wrapping up our first class art projects. Beginner 3 students created their own family trees, drawing and pasting pictures of their family members and decorating them with markers and leaves! They also penned brief descriptions about 2-3 family members in Spanish and attached them to their trees. Our Monday Beginner 4 students created personal portraits using permanent markers and water colors. On the back, they wrote descriptions of themselves using a variety of adjectives. Our Wednesday Beginner 4 students created “flip-book” style biographies about a favorite animal using class Q&A conversation questions. We will display these wonderful creations in the classroom and hallway at Grace. Come inside and take a look! Students will be able to take all of their artwork home at the end of the semester.

As for vocabulary and conversation, we continue to work with Family, Numbers 1-1,000,000 and Wild Animals. Beginner 3 students
are being introduced to the Wild Animals for the first time and participating in more closely guided versions of Bingo and Snake of Words, in which all vocabulary posters will be visible. Beginner 4 students, who have nearly mastered this material, are completing wrap-up games and activities and will write picture sentences using an additional new 10 Wild Animals. They will also begin to learn School vocabulary. All classes will be viewing and reading the Mi Familia skit described below. As for new Sight Words, we will finish working with our question words, closing out with “Cuántos” (How much for plural nouns) and “Adónde” (Where to?). You will find these words in their composition books as usual. We recommend reviewing question words every week alongside sentence and picture examples, so that students are able to distinguish them from each other.

La Familia

La Familia

Yo soy...

Yo soy…


Animales Salvajes

Animales Salvajes


Semester Skit: Mi Familia
Last month, we sent a link to a video of the Advanced Class acting out a skit. In the Beginner 3&4 classes, we are introducing our semester skit: Mi Familia. This skit can be viewed at home through the online resources for chapter 3. We will be reading the skit together in class regularly for the rest of the semester to practice our pronunciation and reading fluency. All skits relate to vocabulary or Q&A themes that students are familiar with. The purpose of viewing and reading the skits is to observe and practice vocabulary and Q&A phrases in a native-like conversational context. We recommend viewing the skit online at least once a week, so that students build confidence with the material and feel empowered to work with it alongside their peers in class.

Here’s what we are working on in the following areas:

Vocabulary: Ch. 3 Family, Opposites, Numbers 11-1,000, Wild Animals, School & Classroom

Pronunciation: Reading out loud with a focus on pronunciation rules and accent marks.

Q&A Conversation: Asking and answering questions about animals, how much items cost, which objects are in the classroom.
# 39a, 39b Q: ¿Cuánto cuesta? ¿Cuánto cuestan? A: Cuesta… Cuestan…
#36 Q: ¿Qué hay en…? A: Hay…
#37 Q: ¿Cuál te gusta más…o…? A: Me gusta más el/la…
#37 Q: ¿Donde vive el/la…? A: El/La…vive en…
#37 Q: ¿Qué come el/la…? A: El/La…come…

Reading: In class-Mi familia/My Family skit.

Writing: Beginner 3: Family member descriptions using opposites adjectives. Picture sentences with Wild Animals. Beginner 4: Describing yourself in 5 or more adjectives. Q&A writing to describe a Wild Animal. Picture sentences with Ten More Wild Animals.

Online Resources (Link)

Ch.3 Family, Opposites, Numbers 1-1,000, Wild Animals, Q&A

Workbook & Worksheets

Workbook 2: Family, Opposites (Beg 3), Animales Salvajes (Beg 4); Sight Word matching and word search worksheets.


Write about 2 additional wild animals: describe their color, size, where they live, what they eat. Describe other objects, places, or people found on your cognate folder.

Draw more pictures to represent each question word we have practiced this month. Write another question that matches your drawing.