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Students have loved writing and illustrating books about themselves! We have been able to review vocabulary from previous units and fill in some gaps along the way! For example, we reviewed the months of the years and how to pronounce and spell them when writing about our birthdays. We also focused on question words. Students are writing in response to the questions I am asking them about themselves. For example: Who are the members of your family?  For extra practice, I am asking for students to write their own questions in their journals at home. We are in our final stages of publishing and sharing and books will go home next week!  This activity has allowed me to see how each student is developing their language skills.  As we move forward in the spring semester, each student will continue to make gains in the Spanish language learning!



Here’s what we are working on in the following areas:

Vocabulary: Review Chapters 1-4; Ch. 5 Verbs; Ch.2 Questions

Pronunciation: Review all Vowel and Consonant Pronunciation Rules

Conversation: Asking and answering questions about ourselves.

Reading: Reading fluency when sharing our writing.

Writing: Publishing and Sharing our About Me Book

Online Resources (Link)

Preguntas (Questions)-Ch.2


Complete pages 7-10


Write questions using the following words: que, quien, como, por que, cuando, donde, cuanto, cuantos, y cual.

Making Words
Letters: dragones

Word Wall
que, quien, como, por que, cuando, done, cuanto, cuantos, y cual

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