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Vowel Sound Patterns

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Parent Teacher Talk

Did your child act out his vowels and the consonants h, ll, rr, and ñ ?

Please e-mail your answer.

We are making headway on our pronunciation! Students love running our relays and they are challenged by needing to read the words quickly and accurately!  This week I specifically chose five word wall words that illustrate vowel blends with the letter “e”. Students learned that in Spanish each vowel keeps its name and two vowels together do not create a new sound.  This will be a challenging concept for beginning readers since the rules are very different in Spanish.  To help students make each sound, we acted out our vowels as the came up in each word.  Ask your child to demonstrate at home!

During snack time, we viewed the skit “Mi Familia”.  Students were eager to share what they understood! The skit focuses on previously learned vocabulary, so it will give us an opportunity to review.  When students are ready, we will perform the skit for parents!

Thank you for sending the Question and Answer Flashcards in with your child. We will continue playing games with our Q&A’s, so don’t forget to practice each week!

Students are doing an AWESOME job with writing in their Diarios (journals)!  Each week, I set aside time for journal sharing and I love hearing students read their writing out loud to the class.


Flexible Grouping Assignments
Group 1: all students
Skits DVD, La Familia,  Pronunciation #s 3 and 4, Q&A’s 2 and 3
Journal: Draw a picture of your our 5 new word wall words. Can you write sentences to go along with your pictures?
Use your flashcards to practice asking and answering questions in Spanish.

Snap, Spell, Clap & Say

tarea- homework
leer – to read
reír– to laugh
peine – comb
feo – ugly